Kind words from Acacia’s organizational impacts:

“Acacia Coast is the complete package. She’s an incredibly detail-oriented and reliable leader who balances her strong communication skills with a genuine and caring demeanor. Acacia takes the time to build meaningful connections with her colleagues and goes above and beyond to help problem-solve and identify opportunities to better serve their organizations. Working with Acacia means knowing that someone always has your best interest at heart. The level of personalized service and engagement she brings is unprecedented and is a trait often difficult to find in someone who deals with many people across virtually every state in the nation. One thing I truly admire in Acacia is her ability to pair her expert professional skills with her dedication to community-building to bring the highest level of service. Any organization or employer would be immensely fortunate to have her on board.”

FRANCES LOPEZ, Executive Director
Los Angeles County Brewers Guild
Los Angeles, California

“The Brewers Association of Maryland was a direct beneficiary of Acacia Coast’s expertise. Acacia became a personal mentor upon my joining BAM, honing my—and my team’s—level of service to our members, and ensuring our priorities were in sync with those of other guilds nationwide. Her ability to build a community among guilds from across the country was inspiring. Acacia’s organization skills—and resulting facilitated forums, programs, gatherings and trainings—are unmatched.”

KEVIN ATTICKS, Executive Director
Brewers Association of Maryland
Founder & CEO
Grow & Fortify
Sparks, Maryland

“I worked with Acacia for almost 7 years… She had critical impact upon my organization’s decision that it was time to hire a full-time Executive Director, so she’s the reason that I and many other guild leaders were hired to manage things at the state level. From the time of my hire she was an amazing resource for our state guild and for me as a non-profit organizational leader. Acacia is highly organized, an exceptional communicator and a fantastic consensus builder… Acacia united our guilds and leadership in the interest of sharing resources and best practices and strengthening our organizations and our ability to better support our member breweries. Acacia is an exemplary individual and will make an outstanding addition to her next team.”

MARY MACDONALD, Executive Director
Ohio Craft Brewers Association
Columbus, Ohio

“Acacia is a driven, highly professional individual. On many occasions over the last several years, I witnessed her group presentations and moderations for brewers guild meetings; she was always well-prepared and focused resulting in efficient, organized time and people management.”

Ladyface Ale Companie
Agoura Hills, California

“I can recommend Acacia Coast as a person who has deep knowledge and great abilities of modern business solutions. She thinks on the cutting edge of Project Management, Communication, Leadership. Thanks to interpersonal skills she has great relations with both company clients and potential customers. Working at Brewers Association is most challenging, and she thrived. Dedicated and goal-oriented strategist that cannot be overestimated. Acacia Coast makes the impossible possible. She is an asset to any business.”

DAN LABERT, Executive Director
Brewers of Pennsylvania Guild
Washington, D.C.

“In my experience, Acacia is able to quickly 1) access information, 2) analyze that information and 3) set a strategic path for action based on her findings. I remain consistently amazed at her ability to effectively connect people, ideas and efforts across extensive collections of stakeholders. This is a unique ability she has cultivated and it is a true superpower for her. Acacia is uniquely personable in her extraordinarily professional approach. This results in fantastic outcomes for those who have experienced the pleasure of working with her. As the reader can surmise, Acacia is a wonderful person to work with.”

JOHN MALLETT, Vice President – Operations
Bell’s Brewery
Kalamazoo, Michigan

“Acacia makes people and organizations better. She was always a welcome guest when I was the President of the UT Brewers Guild because she got us to focus on identifying the biggest opportunities, often facilitated the forming of the action plans and cheered us on during the execution phase. She is kind, confident, calm, direct and emotionally intelligent. She would add value to any organization.”

Maine Beer Company
Portland, Maine

“Acacia is a fantastic relationship builder and facilitator. She was tasked with an enormous role of supporting 50 states across the country in their mission to protect and promote the craft beer industry. A masterful communicator and connector, she assisted state Guild’s through their unique challenges, supported them through their difficulties and served as a mentor to all. She’d be an incredible asset to any team, organization or company.”

KATIE STINCHON, Executive Director
Massachusetts Brewers Guild
Boston, Massachusetts