Independent Consultation Services

Assess, Research, Collaborate, Transform

Strategic Planning

Executing a systematic process to envision the future, develop an internal organizational compass, and consciously plan the sequence of steps needed to achieve the mission.

Research & Surveys

Creating questionnaires and panels, designed to field test strategies, and gain insight into broad trends or highly targeted sample populations.

Program Design

Examining and analyzing operations, establishing KPIs, and advancing innovative solutions in support of driving goals.


Guiding direction, policy and strategy decisions, overseeing and monitoring organizational performance, and ensuring overall accountability.


Guiding and directing key parts of organizational work with groups of people such as meetings, planning sessions, and training of members and leaders.

Grant Management

Philanthropy/ foundation portfolio research, design, and administration to drive impact and advance meaningful change.


Navigating Solutions

"I was consistently impressed by Acacia's ability to attend to all the details of a project, from the broad and abstract to the detailed and tactical; by her ability to bring together diverse stakeholders to work toward mutually beneficial outcomes, and her vast knowledge of nonprofit organizational practices. I recommend Acacia without hesitation."

Dr. J Jackson-Beckham
Dr. J Jackson-Beckham Founder, President, Crafted For All

"Leader, Guider, Nurturer. Dependable. Evolver. Creative. Resourceful. Excellent communicator and speaker. Enthusiasm is contagious. Fun, upbeat and positive. Approaches challenges directly with long list of successes. Transformer of ideas to reality."

Charlie Papazian
Charlie Papazian Founder, Past President, Brewers Association

"Acacia has an ability to bring together both the people and the organizations that they represent toward common goals. Managing that growth and the unique personalities across the country is her passion and the successes achieved were guided by her presence. I recommend Acacia for any position that is looking for development and structure in their short, middle, and long-term strategic growth initiatives for both their organizations and their personnel."

Donn Bichsel, Jr.
Donn Bichsel, Jr. Founder, President, 3 Tier Beverages